Ellen Hatlevik

Ellen Hatlevik

Welcome back the wagon to Golden

The Golden Welcome Wagon is back up and running after being on hiatus since the spring.

The Golden Welcome Wagon is back up and running.

The previous co-ordinator had to let it go when she got too busy with other things, so it has not been operating since the spring.

Mary Kay consultant Ellen Hatlevik decided to pick it up.

“I think it’s really important for new residents to the community to really feel welcomed, especially by the business community. It’s a very important service,” she said.

“I think it’s important for the business sector to show new residents that we do have something to offer, that they don’t have to shop in other places. We may be small but we have a little bit of everything.”

A few of the previous sponsors have pulled out while the service was not running, so Hatlevik is currently working building the basket back up. She has already started canvassing businesses in the area, and will continue to do so over the next little while.

Although she is keeping a list of newcomers who need to be welcomed, she doesn’t want to start making visits until she has at least 20 to 25 gifts in the basket.

“As a sponsor I know that it has been very good for my business. I’d really like to encourage the business sector, if I haven’t already contacted them, to call me. I’d like to offer a variety of restaurants because we have such fabulous eating establishments,” she said.

“Whatever the store happens to have around that will be of interest. It could even be something that they no longer carry but still have in the back, if it would make a nice little gift. Coupons and gift certificates also make a great basket item.”

The baskets not only offer gifts to new residents, they offer businesses fantastic advertising opportunities. As a Mary Kay consultant, Hatlevik would put in a gift as well as a catalogue.

Any business interested in being a Welcome Wagon sponsor can contact Hatlevic at 250-344-4799, or ehatlevik@gmail.com.

“If anyone who has a new neighbour or coworker, please give them my name,” she said. The Welcome Wagon is also offering baskets for new babies and weddings, so if there is anyone who just had a baby, or is getting married in the next year, call Hatlevik.