We want to hear from you!

Kicking Horse Country Chamber of Commerce is looking to hear how they are doing.

Kicking Horse Country Chamber of Commerce


Kicking Horse Country Chamber of Commerce wants to hear from you.

The Chamber is asking Golden businesses and organizations to let us know how we’re doing.

A quick online questionnaire is available on the chamber “http://goldenchamber.bc.ca/homepage” website and on  “http://www.facebook.com/KHCCC” Facebook.

This information will help the Chamber Board of Directors and staff reflect on the current and future priorities of the organization.

A current area of focus for the Chamber is its policy and advocacy committee. This committee is ramping up the work it does to inform policy and advocate for businesses in Kicking Horse Country.

James Acton, Chair of the Chamber Policy and Advocacy Committee, explains “we want to check in with our past, current and future members to present a clear and united business perspective.

“We need to continue to engage the business community and this call for feedback is a way for businesses to lend their voice.”

The Chamber already has a strong and ambitious strategic plan. The opinions from business community will help the Chamber focus on what will have most impact and achieve results that are meaningful to the community.

To provide your feedback visit the Chamber website at www.goldenchamber.bc.ca and click on the “We want to hear from you” link in the top left “news” section.

Alternatively you can visit the Chamber’s Facebook page and find a link there too.

If you don’t like the virtual world and just want to tell us what you think, you can call the Chamber office at 250-344-7125 and Chamber staff will talk you through it.

The online questionnaire will be live from January 20 to 29 and takes less than five minutes to fill out.

Once the feedback is received, staff will summarize the results and share it with the Chamber Directors and then bring it back to the community.

The Chamber will host a “Let’s Do Lunch” event in February that will dig into the issues that have been identified by the community.