Rafters enjoy a trip with Wet N' Wild Adventure.

Rafters enjoy a trip with Wet N' Wild Adventure.

The summer gets Wet N’ Wild in and around Golden

Wet N’ Wild Adventure provides a great ride for the whole family.

Wet N’ Wild Adventures has been offering both families and adventure seekers a place to come and have a unique experience for a quarter of a century.

The company offers everything from family-friendly scenic floats to adrenalin pumping class four rapids.

Jocelyn Ewing, Office Manager for Wet N’ Wild in Golden, believes a trip on the river starts with people enjoying themselves on every aspect of their journey, beginning to end.

“It (the office and lodge area) is a great place. We have amazing gardens and grounds. When people come rafting with us they get to hang out in a comfortable place,”  Ewing said. The business also has a 10-room lodge that people can rent so they can stay for a night or longer.

Ewing explained she felt Golden has many activities that give people a reason to stop by for a visit.

“I think many people come to Golden because it is not as commercialized as other places, and still offers many amazing experiences,” she said. “It may be a little bit extra but they get out of the parks which gives you more freedom on the activities you are allowed to do.”

As for the river and rafting, Ewing said both tourists and local people are very lucky to have the extensive quality of rapids the river provides.

“It is very exciting. There is nowhere else in the world that I can think of where you can raft two and a half kilometres of continuous class four rapids like we offer in the lower canyon,” she said.

Ewing went on to say the upper parts of the river are perfect for families.

“It is kind of the mellow one. There aren’t too many rapids and it is nice and calm. We take kids five and up on that one,” she said. “It is amazing that it offers such an adrenaline pumping section of the river but it also offers places where kids can come out with their families and experience it as well.”

She added that the site has become a great destination point for many people to take part in the activity.

Another great draw for the company is the beauty of the natural surroundings in and around Golden.

“We have the Rockies on the left and the Columbias on the right. We have the whole Columbia wetlands area. In terms of natural beauty it is pretty diverse and incredible,” Ewing said.

As for why she thinks people should come by to give rafting a try in the area, Ewing said, “Hands down this is the best river that you can do in Canada if not North America, and everybody who does it comes back laughing and smiling…It is a really good way to get out there and experience Golden.”

Anyone interested in learning more can go to www.wetnwild.bc.ca or call 250-344-6546.