Tasty developments in Golden cuisine

New developments in their menu, leads to eclectic food at local eatery.

Sous chef Matt Webber brings out a plate of Scallops and Prawns with a creamy sweet corn spinach succotash.

Sous chef Matt Webber brings out a plate of Scallops and Prawns with a creamy sweet corn spinach succotash.

The Whitetooth Bistro, the Rockwater Grill and Bar, and Carlito’s Pizza have been mainstays in Golden for quite some time now, but the owners and chefs are working hard to make sure that they never get complacent and stale.

The menus have been a constant development, and try to accommodate everyone who walks through the door.

“It’s quite an eclectic offering, and very extensive. Most people will be able to find something that they like,” said head chef and part owner David Knoop. Creating menus for both a relaxed pub atmosphere, and an upscale dining experience challenges the chef, but also means he never gets pigeon holed into only one kind of cuisine.

Knoop provided an extensive taste testing to let me try out some of the newer items on the Whitetooth menu, all of which were paired with just the right wine.

We started off with some adventurous creations— Alberta Beef Tartar, followed by Chinese seared Duck Pancakes, and then some Agadashi, golden fried tofu.

My gluten-intolerant dining companion was accommodated with every course, even getting gluten-free crostinis to pair with her beef tartar.

“It was definitely a conscious decision to put some gluten-free options on our menu, there’s a lot of people who have trouble with gluten and need those options,” said Paul Deutsch, one of the owners. “Our main aim is always to accommodate our guests as much as possible.”

Deutsch recalled one customer who came in with a craving for spaghetti. Even though it is not on the menu, the chef managed to put together a spaghetti dinner with the ingredients in the kitchen.

The menu tasting continued with three entree items—Scallops and Prawns with a creamy sweet corn spinach succotash, Gnocchi with sundried tomato and toasted pine nuts, and Braised Beef Short Ribs that melted in your mouth.

The Whitetooth was recently Ocean Wise certified, which means that they’re using sustainable ocean products. And they are always striving to keep their other meats as local as possible.

The wine selection is also an eclectic mix of B.C. local, and international flavours. Liz Lyding, our server for the evening and a Level III Sommelier who is often referred to as the Ambassador of Good Times, selected a specific wine to be paired with each course, describing in detail the flavours of each selection, and why they pair nicely with the course.

The final course, a white chocolate cheesecake, was paired with a delicious ice wine.

Between the three locations, all located on 9th Avenue North, patrons can get anything from a quick slice of pizza, to a hearty burger while watching the game, to a nice evening out with a delectable entree and a bottle of wine.

Menus are available online at www.whitetoothbistro. com, and www.rockwatergrill.com.