Shape Up Fitness presents exercise challenge



Golden’s newest group fitness and personal training business is up and raring to go for the New Year. Born and raised Goldenite Nicki McIntosh started Shape Up Fitness in December. She offers over a dozen group fitness classes throughout the week and personal training services.

She is excited to start her “fitness challenge”, which will begin in February.

Here’s the gist: get weighed and measured at the start of February, have access to unlimited group exercises (McIntosh suggests going to four or five times a week), sweat, sweat, sweat and six weeks later, (which happens to be right before March break) get on the scale and get out the measuring tape to see what all your hard work has done for you.

The challenge includes two categories. The first is a beginner level for people who want to lose inches and weight. The intermediate level is for people who are interested in losing body fat, toning or building muscle.

The winners in each category will receive a gift basket and more free access to Shape Up Fitness classes. The program runs from February 4th to March 19th.

McIntosh emphasized that the challenge isn’t all about losing weight.

“I don’t want this to be the “biggest loser” type of thing, It’s really about adopting a healthy lifestyle and education around all the different types of weight loss,” said McIntosh. “So many people are looking for quick fixes, but it never works like that.”

Although McIntosh doesn’t have her own studio and gym space yet (her classes run at Alexander Park Elementary School and Body Quest) she’s hoping to secure something in the coming months.

McIntosh started her active lifestyle habits here in Golden when she was in high school and heavily involved in sports. She then completed a Physical Education diploma at Mount Royal College in Calgary, spent time in Vancouver and became exposed to a myriad of different fitness regimes.

When she came back to Golden, she took six months of courses online and became certified in group fitness, personal training and third-age adult (senior) training.

McIntosh recognizes that many people in the community maintain a healthy lifestyle by playing outside in the mountains, but she believes that cross-training and working on specific parts of the body is always beneficial.

“I hope I can help people reach their goals,” said McIntosh. “It’s all about building a positive energy and a stronger confidence within yourself.”

Shape Up Fitness offer punch cards for her group fitness classes, which run Monday to Friday and include Cardio Kickbox, Bootcamp Jump ‘N’ Pump, Body Sculpt, Core Moves and more.

McIntosh will also be offering a Latin inspired dance fitness class, called Zumba, on Saturday, January 22nd at 10 am at the Alexander Park gym. A Zumba teacher from Revelstoke will be coming to teach the class.

For more information about Shape Up Fitness, please call 250-439-9687 or email