The Peoples Drug Mart continues its renovations

The Peoples Drug Mart continues its renovations

Renos continue at drug store

Local drug store gets set for a new start.

Jessica Schwitek

After a summer of renovations, and more construction to be done, the Peoples Drug Mart is hoping to have its official grand opening at the end of October.

“There’s not a stick of furniture that will be the same by the time we’re done,” said Michael Hoenmans, one of the store’s new owners. Hoenmans and his partner, Bill Long, took ownership in June, and renovations started the very next day.

The pharmacy and vitamin aisle have been redone, and the new signage is up, but there is still plenty to do says Hoenmans. Not only will they be moving stuff around, they will be creating full-sized sections for things such as household items and cosmetics. Tshey will also be switching from Carlton to Halmark Cards.

And although the store will be in what Hoenmans calls a “state of flux” for the next several weeks, they will remain open. “We really appreciate all the patience that our customers have been showing,” said Hoenmans. “But it will be worth it. The end result will be spectacular.”

Hoenmans and Long, pharmacists who now own four stores, are based out of Chase. “We want to put in really good management staff,” said Hoenmans, adding that he still plans to come to Golden regularly to oversee the store, and that it is still a family run business.

The store has also extended their hours. They are now open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Saturday, and they plan to be open on Sundays as well from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. starting at the end of September. Six new staff have been hired including four in the pharmacy and two out front. And Hoenmans wants everyone to know that “Nancy is finally back.”


A full flyer program, including health inserts, will be starting in the Golden Star next month.