Pretty Flour takes a lifelong passion to create edible art

A love of baking and being creative has helped inspire local baker Jayne Baun to start Pretty Flour.

Jayne Baun

Jayne Baun

A love of baking and being creative has helped inspire local baker Jayne Baun to start Pretty Flour.

The business gives local residents a one-stop shopping spot for all of their custom cakes and desserts.

The name Pretty Flour developed through a brainstorming session Baun had when getting ready to start the business.

Baun has lived in Golden for the past 12 years but has been baking most of her life.

“The business itself is pretty new. In the past six months I have been getting serious about cakes and more,” she said. “I have been baking since before I can remember. I have seen pictures of me with my mom teaching me to bake early.”

Starting to bake early in life has led to a love for what she now is doing with Pretty Flour.

Baun is also enjoying the creative side to making the cakes.

She had attended art school and sees a direct correlation between the business and artistic side of her life. Over the years  she has worked in many different creative mediums. Baun believes this is very beneficial in creating cakes.

“It is  all similar to what I did in school. I have drawn, painted and done creative design work,” she said. “People can have a wild idea and I can just draw it for them . I can work with them and make it for them exactly the way they pictured it in their mind,” she said. “I love that aspect of what I do.”

Another part of the business she loves is being able to push herself to new heights to give her customers exactly what they are looking for.

As for limitations Baun has not come across anything as of yet which she has not been able to accomplish for a customer.

“I have yet to find limitations. If someone can think it up then it is possible to make it into an edible form. I am willing to try,” she said.

Recently Baun showed off some of her work at a Wedding, Party and Gift Show held at the Mount 7 Rec Plex.

This gave Baun the opportunity to reach out to the market in Golden.

The wedding market for cakes has developed as Golden has become more of a wedding destination over the past number of years.

Since starting the business Baun has worked hard with her customers to provide the best looking and quality cakes.

“It is really cool to work with people on things such as wedding cakes. They are happy and if you can create something perfect for them, it is just great. I have had brides and grooms who say it was the perfect piece to their day.”

Baun added it has been through the encouragement of local friends to really get the business off the ground and for this she is thankful.

She also said her husband, Justin, has been a wonderful partner in helping her start her company. “He has been so supportive in helping me get the business off the ground.”

To learn more, check out the Facebook page of Pretty Flour and a website which will be online shortly. People can also call 250-290-0367.