Chad McPeak

Chad McPeak

Personal service from local owners

Chad McPeak, left, and Rene Cote have taken over The Brick in Golden.

One of Canada’s largest retailers still offers a local, community vibe with local owners.

“The main thing is that we’re both from Golden, we understand the needs and desires of people around the area,” said owner of The Brick Rene Cote, who runs the store with sales manager Chad McPeak.

“Customer service is one of the biggest things we’ve been told by people, that they’re looking to have more personal service. And that’s what we want emphasis on here.”

Both Cote and McPeak have been residents of Golden for about 10 years. The previous owners of The Brick, who opened the store in June and ran it until February, were from Alberta.

“We are here to stay, and we want to make sure everyone is treated well and that we bring the highest quality of customer service possible,” said Cote, who worked for the previous owners before taking over the shop.

“They were very nice people, but the ways they were dealing with some of the issues coming up, wasn’t necessarily the direction I thought the store should take. And that was one of the reasons I decided to take over.”

As community members, Cote and McPeak are invested in helping Golden grow, and they hope that the Brick can contribute to that.

“We’re happy to have this in Golden because it gives everybody here the choices they would have in Calgary, without having to drive to the city. So they save time and a lot of fuel money,” said Cote.

“Since I’ve been here, people always says there’s no money in Golden, and Golden is struggling, and then people just go and spend their money in Calgary. To help the community we have to spend money locally, that’s the only way the money stays in town. So we want to make sure people want to buy from The Brick and have access to all these great products.”

The Brick is one of Canada’s largest retailers, selling furniture, mattresses, home decor and appliances. The Brick in Golden, located next to Home Hardware, has a limited number of items on display, but can have anything ordered in.

“Because this is probably the world’s smallest Brick, obviously we can’t have everything in stock, there’s just way too many products. So we try to carry the core, and change them around,” said Cote.

The Brick carries two unique collections, both made in Canada. The Modesto, and the Choices line which allows the customer to custom order their furniture choosing the style, colour, and the configurations.

All orders come in on Thursdays, so as long as something is ordered by Tuesday afternoon, it will be in by the following Thursday. And if you don’t have a truck, no problem. The Brick delivers every Thursday in Golden, Nicholson and Parson. They will also go further than Parson, as far as Invermere every second Thursday.