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PAXMA Designs - unique jewelry

The process of buying a gift can often be as excruciating as a visit to the dentist. What does the person like? What are their interests? How can I find something beautiful, trendy, and unique all at the same time? Well Kootenays, the answer to this overwhelming question may be closer to home than you think.

Jody Peddle, of PAXMA Designs, is the woman behind a new business here in the Kootenays. The business is one that designs handcrafted glass beads for the purpose of jewelry production. Her designs have the one-of-a-kind feel, at affordable rates that’ll leave your gift recipient smiling like a cat in a mouse house.

Peddle’s passion for this distinct art form seemingly happened by shear luck, or perhaps by a gift from her brilliant son. Although much of her life has been involved in some type of creative process, glass beadwork is something quite different than what she was used to.

“I began making glass beads in June of 2009 after receiving a gift certificate to an introductory glass bead making class for Mother’s Day. With a background in design, I was immediately drawn to the creative process and was thrilled to have a new creative outlet. Before I found beadwork, some of my other creative interests were, and still are, floral design, interior design, space planning, and wedding consultation and design. My newfound passion is more then just making and selling jewelry - it allows me to express myself while creating individual, unique and one-of-a-kind works of wearable art. It’s really gratifying.,” Owner/Artist of

PAXMA Designs, Jody Peddle said of her start in the jewelry business.

Although the process of producing glass beads is completely different than that of interior design, for instance, some similarities in the creative process are comparable to the gratifying feeling of completion.

“I enjoy the immediacy of bead making and I never tire of experimenting with a variety of colours and techniques. I find the process of making glass beads and jewelry both exhilarating and relaxing,” Peddle commented.

Jody has the exceptional ability to garner inspiration from many different places, many of which you would not expect from an artist of her nature.

“The internet as well as home-decor and fashion magazines are my go-to place for inspiration and information relating to colour combinations and trends in jewelry design and fashion accessories. I notice what people are wearing and research upcoming colour and fashion trends.” Peddle said of her interesting manner of finding inspiration.

Once the inspiration has been found, the molten process of actually creating a bead and then a piece of jewelry is the next step.

“I make all of my beads by hand, so no two are alike. Every necklace, earring and bracelet is personally handcrafted and designed. Each bead is created from the inside out, starting by heating a glass rod with a torch. Once the glass becomes molten, it is wrapped around a stainless steel rod called a mandrel. At this point, each bead is uniquely formed to the desired shape followed by adding more colour, pattern and texture if desired. All glass beads are kiln-annealed so they won’t break as easily…they are quite durable. Annealing is the process of slowly cooling beads in a temperature controlled kiln (oven) so that the glass molecules have a chance to slow down. This reduces stress in the glass, so that it becomes more stable and less breakable,” Peddle explained of the sizzling practice.

Even though the business is relatively new on the glass bead jewelry radar, her pieces are becoming more recognized with every sale and by word-of-mouth; her aspirations for her designs are lofty.

“My goal this year is to be in a position where I have enough stock to attend markets and craft shows, host home parties where each guest will have the chance to touch, try on and purchase pieces, in addition to having other retail stores or galleries carry my jewelry,” Peddle said with a smile on her lips.

PAXMA Designs is available online (facebook), and locally through Signature Clothing Co. in Golden as well as in Kim Hampton’s Hair Studio in Kamloops. The Information Centre in Field also carried a collection of her jewelry this past summer. Jody also welcomes custom order requests, where she’ll design a piece according to your specifications.   

“Share in the delight of something uniquely you - express your style - wear PAXMA!”


Phone: 250 - 344- 1283