Dr. Erika Buckley-Strobel recently opened Aqua Vitalis Naturopathic in Golden.

Dr. Erika Buckley-Strobel recently opened Aqua Vitalis Naturopathic in Golden.

Naturopathic doctor finds a new home in Golden

Golden has a new naturopathic doctor, now able to help people with a wide variety of issues or questions local residents may have.

The town of Golden has a new naturopathic doctor, now able to help people with a wide variety of issues or questions local residents may have.

Dr. Erika Buckley-Strobel recently moved to Golden from Whitby, Ontario with her husband Joachim Strobel, and opened Aqua Vitalis Naturopathic.

Buckley-Strobel came to Golden with her husband when he started a new job at Canadian Timberframes.

“The classic answer is always, part lifestyle, part work. My husband was offered a job at Canadian Timberframes,” she said. “We like  the pedestrian lifestyle. We like to be able to walk everywhere.”

She has been a naturopathic doctor since 2004 and was in practice in Ontario for eight years.

“I always wanted to be a doctor. I knew from high school, or even before, that I was going to be a doctor. I wanted to be a doctor that wasn’t rushed and would be able to take the time and listen to my clients. I wouldn’t want to tell my clients to do something unless I was willing to do it myself,” she said.

She added people really need to be heard and she takes the time with her patients.

“It is nice to have that freedom to take the time I want with my patients. I want people to know that options are a good thing. Myself, as a naturopathic doctor, I do not take a confrontational attitude. It is not us verses them. I have been lucky to meet some of the doctors in Golden and they seem open minded. It is about what is best for the client. I always tell people it is about looking for what works for you.”

In B.C. she will have prescribing rights which she thinks is a great thing for her clients.

“We need pharmaceuticals. I am a big proponent that we need all options open to us,” she said.

As for what a naturopathic doctor does, Buckley-Strobel explained there are many different things she can do.

“The book answer is a naturopathic doctor is a primary care practitioner who generally uses non-pharmaceutical remedies. We do things like acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine, hydrotherapy. We are looking for gentler ways to treat the body,” she said. “What makes a naturopathic doctor unique is that we have such a wide range. We have so many tools in our tool box so that not everyone who walks in gets a standard protocol. They get something that is customized for them.”

Buckley-Strobel added that she feels it is important to find out what is causing issues for her patients as part of the healing process.

“Very much it is about treating the cause though not all symptoms have the same cause,” she said.

One area of her work that the doctor feels people do not realize she does is acupuncture.

“Every time people hear I do acupuncture as a naturopathic doctor their eyes light up. That is one thing that people don’t realize about naturopathic doctors who are trained in Canada.”

Buckley-Strobel added that acupuncture can be used for many different reasons.

“Most people think of acupuncture for pain management and that is true at its basic level. Acupuncture in Chinese medicine is a whole system of medicine. People with digestive concerns, women’s issues, headaches and just about anything can be treated with an acupuncture protocol.”

Another treatment she uses is hydrotherapy which is a water therapy.

“It simply means healing with water. Some of us might think saunas and hot tubs. But it is about working with the physiology of the body and changing the circulation based on what temperature of water you are using,” she said.

“I took an advanced hydrotherapy course in Bad Wörishofen, Germany… home of the founder of hydrotherapy, Father Sebastian Kneipp.  Continuing education is a big part of what I do.  Most recently I took a course on K-taping (the bright Blue and Pink tape seen on many Olympians in the last Olympics). Currently I’m working on a Sports Medicine Acupuncture certificate.”

She added that she also works with people who are looking to get a little healthier.

“People who just want to be healthier. I get the classic, I am tired and I don’t know why. This is for that person who is just looking for answers or another possible explanation. We live in an amazingly active community in Golden. Everyone is so active here but it could be people looking for that next step forward,” she said.

To learn more feel free to call 250-344-4983 or email erikabuckleyND@aquavitalis.ca or you can also go to her website at www.aquavitalis.ca