More than food found at Mountain Pure Foods in Golden

The new owners of Mountain Pure Foods in Golden are looking to bring healthy products to their store.

Owner of Mountainside Pure Foods

Owner of Mountainside Pure Foods

Rich and Barb Davies recently bought Genuine Organics which is now been reopened as Mountain Pure Foods.

The couple, who came to Golden from Alberta, saw this as a great chance to combine their interests while being able to provide an important store for the area.

Rich has taken the experience of running a similar business in Calgary and brought what he learned in the past to Golden.

“We had a supplement store selling primarily vitamins and minerals but when my family and I moved to Golden last fall we wanted access to organic food. We thought this was a good fit for us,” Rich said.

Rich is  trained as a naturopathic doctor and his wife Barb is a holistic nutritionist.

As for the product sold at the store Rich feels they offer many benefits for those who eat or use them.

“The organic movement is gaining popularity. People are becoming more  aware about where their food is coming from,” Rich said. “We have to be more aware of what we are ingesting. You could say it is food the way nature intended without added or synthetic chemicals, genetically modified plants or pesticides. It is much healthier for our body to eat.”

The store has many fresh products but also has a selection of frozen food, organic bulk products and superfoods.

“We have a very good selection for a smaller space. We are trying to fill the needs of the community. Many people here are like minded. They eat healthy and stay well so they can be active outdoors,” Rich said. He went on to say the plan is to bring in new products at the store and they have been talking to people in the community about what they would like to see in stock. “What people want us to have is what we want to bring in because we are here to serve the community”

The store also has some body care products as well.

“You have to be aware of the chemicals you are putting on your skin. We carry a lot of natural and organic body care products,” Rich said.

There are also a selection of grocery items in the store which are more speciality items. Rich explained there is a push for people to eat gluten free so they are attempting to have a selection of those products in the store as well.