Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith

Moberly Homebrew 2002 is turning 10

Golden's place for brewing your own beer and wine is celebrating its 10th anniversary on June 1.

Having a beer or a glass of wine has always been a very social thing, but one business owner has realized that brewing those beverages is just as much a social experience as drinking them.

“It’s such a great business with great customers. It’s just very fun. I love that people just want to come in and visit. They’re like old friends.,” said Donna Alexander, owner of Moberly Homebrew 2002.

“Everyone is always in a good mood when the come in, so it’s really nice. This is my social time,” added Mary Wilson, one of Alexander’s two employees.

On June 1, it will have been 10 years since Alexander bought the business. She had worked in a homebrew shop in Fort St. John for a number of years, and was also one of their best customers.

When she moved to Golden the thought of opening her own store had crossed her mind, but the town already had one. So when Alexander had the opportunity to buy Moberly Homebrew in 2002 she couldn’t pass it up.

“I kept the name, and just added 2002 behind it,” she said.

And the past 10 years have been wonderful said Alexander. She loves coming to work, talking to old friends and meeting new ones, and spending time with her employees Wilson and Lisa Smith.

“I can tell you right now, she’s the best employer in all of Golden,” said Wilson.

“I have two great employees. I have to go to my grandson’s graduation next weekend, and I know the store will be taken care of,” said Alexander.

But it is definitely the customers who make the business what it is. Over the years there have been groups and individuals who continually come back. And there are also new customers all the time, coming into the store excited about trying something different.

Moberly Homebrew 2002 brews a variety of wines, beers and ciders, and they even have kits for pina coladas, long island iced tea and sparkling wines. Customers can come in, choose their kit, and the staff will start brewing it right away.

“We do all the work, they pick out a kit, we put it on. And then they legally have to put the yeast in. If I put it in I’m bootlegging,” said Alexander, smiling at how often the liquor laws seem to change.

“That’s all they have to do. It goes on the shelf, we do all the work for them, and just phone them to come back. They fill the bottles, cork them, then label and cap it,” she said.

The length of the fermentation process depends on the kit that was chosen. Beer takes two weeks, and the wine can take anywhere from four to eight weeks. The wine kits produce 28 to 30 bottles, and you can brew the equivalent of five and a half dozen beersĀ  bought from the liquor store.

Alexander’s 10th anniversary is on June 1, and she plans to make some sort of splash about it later in the month.