Lordco Auto Parts Ltd.: Great service with a smile

Lordco Auto Parts Ltd.: Great service with a smile

By Sarah Wegelin

Heated blankets, tire wedges, flashlights, work lamps, tools, RV sewer hoses, floor mats, steering wheel covers, automobile parts: Lordco Auto Parts Ltd. has it all.

Its customers always find what they’re looking for with the help of knowledgeable, friendly staff.

Manager, Kim Alves has been working at Lordco Auto Parts Ltd. for 13 years, and he says Lordco Auto Parts has “anything you need” for cars, camping, RVs, and welding.

It provides supplies to local shops, gas stations, and mechanics. Staff do their best to help customers find what they’re looking for, from parts for special projects to annual replacement parts on vehicles young and old.

“We offer a wide variety of supplies and our staff are knowledgeable,” Alves says.

Joel Bell is an inside sales representative at Lordco Auto Parts Ltd., he has been part of the team at Lordco for 10 years. He says it’s always a friendly environment at Lordco Auto Parts Ltd.

“Customers end up being friends and regulars,” he says. “You deal with nice people and it’s interesting to see the different challenges and things people are working on.”

In the coming weeks, holiday specials will begin. Look for deals on a variety of products throughout the store. Flyers offer information on items for sale as well as mail in rebates.

Lordco Auto Parts Ltd. has been in operation in various towns and cities throughout British Columbia.

It is the largest distributer and retailer of automotive parts and accessories in B.C. As stated on its website, www.lordco.com, they are committed to sell only the highest quality name-brand products that customers recognize and feel confident using in their vehicles.

For more information contact staff at Lordco Auto Parts Ltd. 250-344-7488.