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Local business owners

Looking to the future with Golden Tourism

Looking to the future with Golden Tourism who held a gathering to promote working together for five more years.

On Oct. 25 Tourism Golden held a cocktail party at the Golden branch of the British Columbia Visitor Centre as part of an initiative to preview the new five-year strategic plan which is designed to increase awareness and visitation to Golden. Guests had the opportunity to review the work Tourism Golden has done to promote Golden as a destination along with  projects that have been completed through Resort Municipality Initiative(RMI).

Chair of Tourism Golden, Les Margetak, talked to those in attendance about what the group hopes to accomplish in the next five years. Part of the ideas spoke of during the speech was a hope to make Golden not just a place for people to stop off for a meal on the highway. “We do have a lot of passing traffic along the highway but we want people to plan to stay longer as opposed to just an overnighter,” Margetak said.

Margetak explained that making people aware of what the area has to offer is just the first step in increasing the number of people who stay in the town for a night or more.

He went on to talk of a strategy to expand the idea of making a stay in Golden an “authentic experience,” which would give people a non-crafted, planned vacation where guests would have the chance to learn about the culture of the area.

Manager of Corporate Administration for the Town of Golden, Jon Wilsgard, spoke after Margetak to update people on what the town has been doing to work with organizations like Tourism Golden to promote the town to guests and visitors.

“We have to make sure what we do over the next five years is good for the community…In terms of Golden, what you do is extremely important to us. You are not accountable to the Town of Golden. Nor is the Town of Golden accountable to you as well but obviously what ties us together is what is the most important things we do for the community. As we go forward in the next five years we will have an enhanced communication with each other and I (and all those working for the town) look forward to working with you,” Wilsgard said.