Kardash Plumbing and Heating offers great variety to customers

Kardash Plumbing has 20 years or servicing the people in Golden.

Jessica Schwitek




For nearly 20 years, Pete Kardash, and wife Judy, have been building up their business to better serve Golden.

“In a small community I think it’s important for a company to be diversified, and to help our clients with as many different problems and projects as possible,” said Kardash, who originally opened Kardash Plumbing and Heating in 1993.

Ten years after that the company moved to its new location on 9th Street North where it has a warehouse, and a brand new showroom, which officially opened this past spring.

“We wanted a place where clients could come in and see with their own eyes what we had to offer,” said Kardash.

Despite what the name suggests, Kardash offers far more than plumbing and heating. They do have three plumber journeymen (two of whom are also gas fitters), a custom sheet metal technician and two certified WETT inspectors. But they also have a wide inventory in stock to help with any home project.

“A lot of people believe Kardash offers only plumbing to new builds. And yes, we have built our reputation on new construction and services calls, but in the last year we’ve worked hard to offer the retail side of things for locals who are going through home renovations,” said Kardash.

“Our new showroom includes tubs, showers, faucets, plumbing parts and fixtures, along with a selection of wood, propane and pellet stoves.”

With local bylaws regarding the use of wood stoves changing recently (see page 3 for story), Kardash has expanded its selection of stoves, and has WETT inspectors available for quotes and to complete installation.

With the expansion of this family-run business, the Kardashs decided to hire an office administrator this year, Jenn Judd, to free up some time, and allow Kardash out of the office more, working on jobs.

“They’re a wonderful family business, and are totally supportive of their staff. They acknowledge that we’re real people and not just employees, which is fantastic,” said Judd.

“And now with me here, it allows them (Pete and Judy) to take holidays together. They’ve never really been able to do that before.”

The office hours for the store are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday, but they also offer a 24-hour emergency service, which makes taking some real time off difficult. But it has always been important to the Kardash family that the community is never without emergency service.

“If a pipe leaks at 7 p.m. at night, you need to call somebody. Sometimes you can’t just shut off the water,” said Kardash who, along with his wife, was born and raised in Golden. “The community has always been really important to us.”

And they are very proud to truly be part of that community. They are thrilled when people stop by the store just to say hello.

“Quite a few people come in, and I’ll ask if I can help them. And they’ll say ‘No no, we just want to visit with Pete.’ It’s nice, it really gives you a sense of community,” said Judd.

The Kardashs welcome anyone to just stop by the shop (805 9th St. N.) and see what they have to offer. For the 24-hour-emergency service, call 344-6887.