Jepson Mini Storage Park in Golden.

Jepson Mini Storage Park in Golden.

Jepson in Golden provides a safe place for storage

Jepson Mini Storage Park has successfully operating in Golden for the last five years.

Jepson Mini Storage Park is almost five years old and has been a very successful endeavour since its inception.

“We had the property and there wasn’t a lot of storage in town,” said Ladine Salsbury. Salsbury has been working for the company for the past 17 years and is currently the manager at the facility.

She added that some people move items in to the facility for a number of years while other people only use it for a month.

Another selection of people who use the facility are people who come through town for seasonal living.

“We get people who go away to school, people who work away, and a lot of people who come and ski for the winter. For the summer they have a storage unit. I have had one guy move in and out five times,” she said.

Building relationships and treating people with a great deal of respect is key for all parts of the company.

“We are really for local representation. We are here locally. We have people who are on site and we do have an office where you can come by and talk to somebody.  I have lots of people who love that,” she said.

Security is also something Jepson takes very seriously for their customers.

“People like them because they are secured,” she said. “I think this is very important because you have your personal belongings in there. Some people have their whole homes in there. There is stuff which is not replaceable and that is important.”

Even though there are times when the gate will not open Salsbury said the company is willing to arrange a time to meet with customers outside allotted entry times.

For more information call (250) 344-6161.