Pictured above is the owner of Derailed Sports

Pictured above is the owner of Derailed Sports

Hard work pays off as Golden trails rise in popularity

As the weather continues to warm up, more bicycle enthusiasts are coming to Golden to ride the trails.

As the weather continues to warm up, more bicycle enthusiasts are coming to Golden to ride the trails.

Jon Simpson, owner of Derailed Sports and a member of the Golden Cycling Club, said that Golden is a great place for riders of all skill levels.

“The biking in Golden has a lot of different options for people. What people may not realize is that there are levels for everyone,” he said. “There are the Rotary Club trails that run along the river to the downhill trails at Mount 7 and Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.”

Simpson said that the trails’ breakdown is 30 per cent green (beginner level), 60 per cent blue (intermediate level) and 10 per cent black (advanced).

“We also have a pump track and skateboard park that everyone seems to enjoy.”

In 2011, The Golden Mountain Bike Visitor Survey was completed  and identified  the importance of the activity to the Golden area.

“It was noticeable that mountain biking is becoming a strong part of our summer economy in Golden,” he said.  “Our cross country and downhill trails are all volunteer driven. We have about 220 members in the Golden Cycling Club and are always in need of more people so we can have a strong voice with the government.”

Simpson also had advice for people who are planning on going out for a ride.

“If someone is going to give biking a try they need to make sure they have a bike repair kit including a patch kit, tube and pump. People also need to bring water and snacks along with a map of the area. It is important to plan your route ahead of time and take a cellphone with you. (It should be noted that cellphones may not work all the time when on the trails.)”

He added that taking a spare jacket, a first aid kit and possibly bear spray is also a good idea.

Simpson went on to explain that Golden is perfect for families who want to ride together.

“There are a lot of young families going riding. There are kids as young as three years old who go out and tackle some of the easier trails. It is a great sport for families. There are some great trails around Cedar Lake with some easier loops, and you can stop at the beach and make an afternoon of it.”

At Derailed, Simpson works hard to provide service for anyone who walks through his door.

“A major part of our business is to make sure we can supply people who are visiting town with information, equipment and repairs they might need. We also supply the local people with quality repairs and service. They are both equally important.”