Green Leaf offers various services involving trees that are looked after by Scott Kells.

Green Leaf offers various services involving trees that are looked after by Scott Kells.

Golden company working hard to keep area trees healthy

Green Leaf offers various services involving trees, which often has their certified arborists climbing to the top of them.

Out of an economic downturn in his industry, Golden’s Scott Kells was able to find a new passion.

“My background is in forestry, and I had trained with a tree care company out of Alberta for many years before working forestry in the valley for 10 years,” said Kells, owner and operator of Green Leaf Tree Services.

“With the downturn in things, it was looking like the opportune time to do something a little bit different. It all worked out at the right time. I was doing work for friends, and they told me I should think about doing this on my own. It all kind of stemmed from there.”

Kells was able to take his knowledge and experience with trees, and use it to provide a service for home owners, business owners, and even municipalities and Parks Canada.

Green Leaf offers a variety of services that includes: pruning, tree removal, tree falling (with WCB certified hand fallers), stump grinding, consulting and diagnoses  for pests and diseases, fire smart assessments, and urban forest management plans, among many others.

It all sounds very straight forward, but Kells still enjoys the more exciting aspects of the job.

“You can’t really beat being 100 feet in the air and getting the wind blowing,” he said.

“Climbing and cutting for sure I like. Tree climbing, there’s quite an art to it, which I didn’t really understand until I had gotten into the profession.”

Although he does enjoy the adrenaline rush of being strapped to the top of a 100-foot tree, he is especially passionate about Canada’s forests, trees, and their health.

“We try to promote good overall care,” said Kells.

“It’s similar to people, if you take care of the trees and make sure they’re well watered and well fertilized they’ll be healthier, just like people who are well fed and take their vitamins.”

It is important, especially when dealing with pests and diseases, to pay attention to the trees and look out for signs of a potential problem.

“Any change in the colour of their leaves, if they’re losing their leaves early. Or if there’s a big insect population you might see lots of feeding on the leaves, or infested mites would completely cover the branches,” said Kells.

Green Leaf Tree Services has now been operating for six years, now with a team of four that includes two certified arborists. It is this experience and knowledge that gives his customers piece of mind says Kells.

“We sell the piece of mind that we’re trained certified arborists with full insurance, the right equipment to do the job, especially with tree removals,” he said, adding that people are often lured by lower prices and soon realize they’ve hired someone either without the proper skills, or without adequate insurance incase of an accident.

“We bring a lot of knowledge and experience, as far as what’s the proper course of action for the trees. We’re not going to tell you to remove a tree unless there’s a good reason for it. We like to save big mature trees if we can.”

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