Nola Dusevic stands in front of the Golden Bakery

Nola Dusevic stands in front of the Golden Bakery

Golden Bakery finds ways to stay involved in the community

Family run since 1970, and the Golden Bakery is still going strong today

Family run since 1970, and the Golden Bakery is still going strong today.

“Mom and Dad (Joe and Evelyn Dusevic) bought it in 1970. And they, we, ran it until now,” said Darren Dusevic, owner of the baker on 9th Avenue North.

“Right since the beginning it’s been a family thing,” said Dusevic, comparing it to a family farm where everyone helps out. “I had to learn how to bake, there was no way around that. We always worked there even as kids, my sister and I, and then in 1979 is when I started baking full time.”

Dusevic’s three children worked in the bakery when they were younger, and there are three to five family members working in the shop almost all the time.

“There’s always at least three family in the bakery, sometimes up to five. It depends who’s in town and who I can rope into it,” said Dusevic. “My dad still works there every day.”

The bakery has become a community landmark, serving as a regular spot of locals to hang out and chat.

“It becomes a bit social for us. You see people, and regulars coming in. I like the fact that people just come down to talk, and I enjoy visiting with them,” said Dusevic.

It wasn’t always that way. Before 1986 they weren’t a coffee shop, and didn’t have tables in the bakery.

In 1986 we expanded and put some tables and chairs in it. And then we did some more expansion in 1990… and that was when we brought in what we have now (which is about 50 chairs),” said Dusevic.

Since the expansion, the bakery now offers a wide variety of baked goods, deli items including sandwiches, soups, and salads all made in store, coffee and cappuccino.

“We get a lot of workers into the shop. A lot of people pick up quick lunches, and the breakfast sandwiches that we sell are extremely popular. People grab those things on the way to work, that’s why we’re open so early,” said Dusevic.

The bakery has not only been a job for the Dusevics, but also a way to stay in Golden, the community they love.

“We always like being involved with stuff,” said Dusevic. He and his wife Nola have been involved with the Terry Fox Run, Shreiners, and various sports organizations around town.

“We live here, so we want to help, and especially if our kids are in it. But we’ve been involved with things our kids haven’t been as well. And I’ve always believed a small business should give back to the community as much as it can. The community has been good to us for a very long time.