A group of happy skydivers prepare to take their jumps at Extreme Yeti in Golden.

A group of happy skydivers prepare to take their jumps at Extreme Yeti in Golden.

Going to a new extreme over Golden

It is more than a day in the sun when you decide to take a step into a great adventure.

If taking an adventure is something you are considering doing this summer then Extreme Yeti is the place for you.

The company, which opened its doors in Golden last year, is back for another summer of skydiving excitement.

One of the co-owners of Extreme Yeti is Myles Delorme who believes jumping in Golden offers a unique experience that brings people from all over the world to the area.

Delorme has been hooked on skydiving ever since the first time he took a jump.

After a successful 2011 summer the business has expanded their hours of operations to seven days a week.

“Things went really well (last year). The potential is here. It is a unique market in that we are the only drop zone in North America where you can skydive between two sets of mountains. To get the same experience you would have to travel all the way to New Zealand,” Delorme said.

He added many people come from Calgary but people from all across Canada and Europe are contacting the company about doing jumps.

“It is the scenery. There is no where else to jump in a place like this. You are 5,000 feet above the mountains when you jump and you free fall into the valley,” Delorme said.

On the day of the interview a large group of friends from Calgary were at the company to spend part of the day jumping.

Gerson Charmell, who was preparing to skydive for the first time, explained he loved the idea of doing a jump in Golden because of how nice it is in the area.

“Skydiving for me was mostly a bucket list thing. It is something you do at least once in your life,” Charmell said. “Emotionally I am also an adrenaline junkie so it seemed like the perfect thing to do for me.”

Another friend in the group, Andrea Moir, said she was excited and nervous waiting for her jump.

“Someone just got a crazy idea in their head to go skydiving and we thought in the mountains in Golden is the most beautiful place we could possibly do it,” Moir said.

Trevor Doram and Laura Cepeda, who are dating, got the chance to go up in the plane together and share the experience.

After successfully landing from his jump Doram said he felt awesome.

“It was unreal. It is not a feeling you think you will ever feel in your life,” he said.

Doram said it was a little tough watching Cepeda jump out before him but he was thrilled to have the chance to do something she really wanted to do.

“She went first and then I followed her so I got to see her jump out of a plane. It was amazing but I was a little nervous watching her leave,” Doram said. “It was a good feeling to look down and see her parachute open,” he added with a laugh.

As for Cepeda she was ready for her second jump right upon landing from her first.

“It was amazing. I want to go and do it again,” Cepeda said. “When you are there it is so calm. You see the mountains and the scenery is so beautiful.”

Having the chance to share the experience with Doram only made the day even more special for her.

Cepeda said she thought it was an experience everyone should take part in and as much as people may think it is scary it really is not.

This is the experience everyone seems to have at Extreme Yeti according to Delorme.

He said he has never heard anyone say anything bad about the experience they have had with the company or the actual jump.

“We always try to please everyone as much as we can. It reflects on our company with how well we deal with the public,” Delorme said.

If you are interested in learning more about the company check out www.skydiveextremeyeti.com