Pictured above are the owners of Higher Ground Mountain Sports

Pictured above are the owners of Higher Ground Mountain Sports

Fitting the customers need when you go to Higher Ground

Whether you’re looking for something new, or a used product, Higher Ground Mountain Sports has become the place to go in Golden

Whether you’re looking for something new, or a used product that will fit your sporting needs, Higher Ground Mountain Sports has become the place to go in Golden for all your mountain sports equipment and gear.

“It always did new and used gear. But when we bought it in ‘08 we had a five-year business plan to expand it into a real solid mountain sports shop for the Golden community,” said Trevor Gavura who owns the store with his wife Charlotte.

Charlotte had been the manager of the Gear Exchange, which opened in 2001.

When the Gavuras bought it and expanded the new product part of the store, they realized that many people still thought it was only consignment, so they changed the name in 2010 to Higher Ground.

Now, with an extensive new retail side, Golden shoppers are offered a greater variety to satisfy their needs.

“It allows for a thorough shopping experience. People can come in looking for a deal on something consigned and find something in the new product section and vice versa. Sometimes the new product is a little more expensive than someone thought it would be, but they can find something in the consigned section that works for them,” said Trevor. “We were trying to bring all of this together into one really unique sports hub for the community.”

The gear exchange has been very successful for the store, with new batches of used gear coming through almost every day.

“We have a pretty strong client base, I’d say from Kamloops to Calgary. It’s been pretty cool because once some people find us they say they can’t drive by Golden without pulling off to see what we have. So I think with the gear exchange side it keeps rotating the treasures through so you never know what’s going to be in there. That excitement keeps people coming in,” said Trevor.

Higher Ground also does their best to price match on all their new gear, allowing their customers a chance to get competitive pricing without having to drive to Calgary or elsewhere to find what they want.

“Shopping around is completely understandable, but in time I think that by price matching to those places our customers know that when they come to Higher Ground they’ll get the same prices as Mountain Equipment Co-op,” he said.

Extensive mountain sport enthusiasts themselves, the Gavuras bring a wide range of experience and expertise to their customers. Trevor was competitive in the skiing and snowboarding world, and has been in charge of running several ski schools, including the one here in golden. Charlotte has  a strong background in mountain biking, and even made it to the world cup.

“We definitely know what we’re doing,” said Trevor. Using their knowledge to find the best products for their customers is a rewarding part of the business.

“It’s pretty fun deciding what products to carry in the store,” said Trevor. “You get to sort through all the garbage, all the stuff that’s not so great, and you get to bring in some innovative stuff. Sometimes people are so used to what’s always been around, but it isn’t always the best. Brand awareness can sometimes be a flaw. But bringing innovation in is my favourite part.”

Higher Ground Mountain Sports is located at 420B 9th Ave. N.