Alan Chornyj

Alan Chornyj

Dr. Tint is here to help with all your tinting needs

A local business owner has just put one of the final touches on the new RCMP Detachment building.

A local business owner has just put one of the final touches on the new RCMP Detachment building.

Dr. Tint, a.k.a. Alan Chornyj, has been doing window tinting for more than two decades, and recently completed a large job for the RCMP.

“I’m proud to have been able to provide the RCMP with their request for this special safety, security reflective silver window film,” said Chornyj.

“It gives them daytime privacy. And this is 8mm security film. So if anybody breaks these windows, or falls into these windows, it substantially reduces the injuries that anyone will receive because it will hold the glass together in one piece. In earthquake areas it is requested all the time.”

The reflective film, which is a request for police detachments across the country, makes it difficult to see through the windows until you’re right beside them.

It took Chornyj three weeks to cover the Golden detachment, as it has about 60 windows. He was also asked to stencil some of the interior windows.

There are many benefits to window film, whether it be on a motor vehicle, commercial building, or residential home.

“For safety reasons we do motor vehicle installations. It gives them privacy as well. If there are contents in the car worth stealing, people outside can’t see it,” said Chornyj.

“The film rejects 99 per cent of ultra violet rays. So it keeps the interior of the vehicle in fairly new condition over the years because there’s no ultra violet damage. That’s one of the most important reasons people do their cars, for the ultra violet protection.”

When it comes to buildings, especially large ones like the RCMP Detachment, the window film can actually pay for itself in energy savings.

“The film is an energy saving product. It makes the building more energy efficient. This window film rejects 75 per cent of the solar heat on the glass. So it reduces the air conditioning load in the building, and there’s an actual payback to having window film put on. It does pay for itself over a few years,” said Chornyj.

There are more than 50 kinds of window film, which means that dark or reflective tinting are not the only options. And Chornyj can help any client find the right product for them.

“As a professional installer who has been doing this for 25 years, I can help you make a decision about what type of film is best for what your need is. It all depends on why you’re putting film on your windows. But most people enjoy it for the privacy aspect. If people can’t see through the windows and see what they can steal, it deters them from breaking in,” he said.

If you have any questions about the product or installation, you can call Dr. Tint at 250-344-2979.