Custom jewellery designs in Golden

Taralynne Nedjelski

Taralynne Nedjelski

In the Golden area there are many very distinct jewelry designers amongst us with some truly beautiful works of fashionable art. What separates these designers are unique eyes that can see potential in nearly anything, including owls. Taralynne Nedjelski is one such jewelry visionary that has created her own jewelry design business simply named, Taralynne Design.

It was a business that sort of came into the mind of Taralynne while trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for some of her closest friends.

“Five or six years ago, my friends and I decided to do a gift exchange at Christmas. We decided that everyone had to make the gifts we were to exchange. I thought about what I was going to make for quite a while, and finally decided to make them all individual pieces of jewelry. In the end, my friends really liked their gifts and I really liked making them, so I decided to start Taralynne Design,” Nedjelski explained about her idea for her small business.

Although that Christmas season is long gone, the designing of jewellery has far from ceased for Taralynne. In fact, Taralynne Design has hit the Farmers’ Market scene and a local business’s shelves, with nothing but acclaim from the community.

“I attend every market in Golden. This has been my first full year of attending the markets, but I have been getting all kinds of positive comments and support. My jewelry is also in Plain Wayne & Jane; it is has been there since October,” Nedjelski said, speaking modestly of her success.

The type of jewelry you will find from Taralynne is definitely original. It will not take a jewellery lover long to get the earthy, natural feeling that her pieces emit. Her use of antique bronze is exceptional, and once combined with everything from leaves to owls, people can’t get enough; she has trouble keeping up with the production of these works of art.

“I make things that I love and think are beautiful. I hope others continue to feel the same way. If I’d wear it, I am happy. A lot of my jewelry has owls incorporated in them…everyone loves owls; they’re really popular in town. The hardest thing for me is finding the time to actually design and get the pieces out,” Nedjelski said with a smile on her face.

Not to be confused with jewelry manufacturers, Taralynne Design is purely a designer, utilizing pieces from all around the world in her artistic works. From reusing old, discarded jewelry to seeking out the right pieces from online sources, Taralynne finds beauty in some interesting spots.

“I spend a lot of time online researching and trying to find suppliers from all around the world. I never know what I am truly looking for until I see it, and then I order it,” Taralynne concluded.

Taralynne’s designs are being spotted on women of all ages around town. Her plan is to continue to attend markets around the Golden area and potentially beyond; she also hopes to find her way into some more retail stores in the near future. Until then, her classic, timeless pieces can be custom ordered by contacting her via email at: or by finding her at one of Golden’s Farmers’ Markets or at the upcoming Women’s Show. Also, watch for Taralynne Design on Facebook for the opportunity to see some of her jewelry or to custom order some on your own.