Doug and Veronica Barrault

Doug and Veronica Barrault

Countrywide Golden is switching over

Countrywide Golden is now operating under the BrandSource Canada brand.

The name may be changing, but the store that has provided Golden residents with home furnishing and electronics will continue to serve the community as they always have.

Countrywide Golden, as of March 22, is now operating under the BrandSource Canada brand. Doug and Veronica Barrault have owned the store for more than six years, under the Countrywide banner for the last three, and are pleased with the potential for the store under the new brand.

“BrandSource is a much larger buying group,” said Veronica. “So our customers will have access to some exciting new brands and new deals.”

They have always had an electronics section, and although they are no longer associated with The Source, their former electronics supplier, they will still be offering much of the same products as they were before.

“We’re going to continue selling electronics because people need a place to buy them, and it’s important to us to provide that service for the community. We’re just going to be buying them independently now,” said Veronica.

“And we’re still the Telus dealer in town. Telus is a good supplier for us, and we’ll be staying with them.”

The original vision for the store was to always have a few things going on to better serve the community, and when the Barrault’s bought it more than six years ago they wanted to continue with that goal. And now, under BrandSource, they believe that won’t change.

“It’s been a fast transition… But we’re really pleased with the different suppliers we’ve been able to get,” said Veronica. “We’re getting some new brands, but we’re keeping some of the same ones as well… The companies that we feel provide the best product for the best value we want to stay loyal to.”

Doug and Veronica have been residents of Golden for their entire lives, minus a bit of time spent away playing hockey. And they are very proud to be business owners in the community.

“We have been able to provide jobs for people in the community and earn a living for ourselves, so we’re very happy about that,” said Veronica.

“And we have some really great and loyal customers in this town, and people who have supported us right from the beginning. We’re hoping with this changeover that we might see some new customers, maybe some people who have never been in here before might come in and check out what we have.”