Community Excellence Awards release nominations for two awards

The first two nominations are out for Community Excellence Awards.

Even though the Community Excellence Awards gala night may be a few months away, plans are already underway to make it a night to remember.

Ruth Hamilton, manager of Kicking Horse Country Chamber of Commerce, announced some of the details heading into awards season.

“We have started the preliminary planning of the Community Excellence Awards and have released nominations for two of the awards. The Tourism Hospitality Award and the Culinary Award have been released for nominations,” Hamilton said.

She went on to explain why those specific nominations have been opened.

“The tourism is such a big factor in those two awards. If we release them in September there are a limited number of tourists around. We wanted to release them early for this reason,” Hamilton said.

Anyone interested in making a nomination for the culinary award can go to while if you are interested in nominations for the tourism hospitality award you can make a nomination at

“The business community is very important to Golden. These business owners work very hard. If you have never been self employed you may not realize how hard these business owners work. We want to nominate them for doing a good job,” Hamilton said.

On September 4 the rest of the categories will be opened for nominations for this year’s event.

There will be many awards at this year’s gala, along with some special Golden Nuggets awards which are new this year.

The Community Excellence Awards gala will be held on October 20.