Eagle’s Eye restaurant will be bringing back their winter dinner series

Eagle’s Eye restaurant will be bringing back their winter dinner series

Celebrating the moon at Eagle’s Eye restaurant

Dinner series at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort and the Eagle’s Eye restaurant combines great food with inspiration.

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort and the Eagle’s Eye restaurant have put together an exciting new dinner series celebrating the cycles of the moon.

The inspiration for the resort’s fourth winter dinner series comes from the opportune location of the restaurant.

“Each of these dinners fall either on or within 24 hours of a full or new moon,” said Janis Romeskie, food and beverage manager at KHMR. “I wanted to make sure that if there was a lunar cycle… if there was something even more spectacular than the current view at the venue to be looked at, that we were doing that.”

The series includes three dinners in the winter and early spring, each named after a moon.

“The moon names are in celebration of some of our native cultures in Canada,” said Romeskie.

“The first one is named Wolf Moon (Jan. 21), which is a reference to the really harsh winter season and how the wolves used to gather around native camps and howl for food.”

The Wolf Moon will be featuring the wines of Herder Vineyards, the award winning winery located in the Okanagan’s Similkameen Valley.

“Herder Vineyards has never done an Interior B.C. winemakers dinner before, so that’s really new. They’ve only been coastal before,” said Romeskie.

The second in the series, on March 8, is Sugar Moon, which will be celebrated with Hester Creek Vineyards, located on the Golden Mile Bench in B.C.’s Okanagan Valley.

“The reason we decided to go with Sugar Moon is that our resort chef, Sylvain Bourget, is French Canadian in origin, and the Sugar Moon is in celebration of when the sap starts to run… and so that dinner is going to be outstanding,” said Romeskie.

Paired with the fine Hester Creek wines will be a five-course meal of traditional Quebecois cuisine.

“The last one is called Fish Moon, and it’s in the spring (Apr. 6), and it’s going to be a Pescatarian dinner, so everything is going to come from the sea, and will be inspired by the coast,” said Romeskie.

Moon Curser Vineyards, formerly known as Twisted Tree, will be providing the wines for the spring dinner.

“They’ve produced some outstanding wines, which are lesser known at this point because they are new, and under the new brand,” said Romeskie.

“We were approached by that particular vineyard because our dinner series have had a lot of accolades… and people fro the industry who come here and experience the way we do these dinners are always blown away, not only by the venue, but by the service and rhythm of the whole thing.”

For more details go to www.kickinghorseresort.com, or to book your reservation ca1l 1-866-SKI-KICK.