Business profile: Napa keeps stock available

Business profile: Napa keeps stock available

NAPA Auto Parts offers competitive pricing, diverse expertise and a variety of retail auto parts and associated tools for your automobile. With 14 years in the community providing services to commercial shops, garages, industrial businesses and the general public, Laird A. Pittman says its thanks to local support that help keep his business running and the local economic food chain thriving.

“Local businesses pay staff, support charities, and pay taxes; they’re integral parts of the community,” Pittman says.

With online shopping increasingly becoming a threat to local business, including NAPA Auto Parts, Pittman says he always tries to keep stock in so people can get what they need, when they need it. NAPA Auto Parts offers specials in its monthly flyer with great prices for customers to enjoy.

The current flyer, running from November 12 to December 31, promotes important winter items for your car or truck such as windshield washer fluid, engine oil, snow removal brushes, and a lot more. Pittman says the prices are almost too good.

A forester by trade, Pittman bought NAPA Auto Parts four years ago.

“One thing we have done in the last four years is increased our walk-in traffic. I believe it’s due to good service and a diverse staff,” he says.

The team at NAPA Auto Parts is comprised of four staff who have different backgrounds and experiences to bring to the knowledge they share with customers when they walk-in the door of the business looking for something specific for their car or truck. Customers can choose between premium and basic brands based on recommendations from staff and the use of the vehicle.

“The premium line is great for people who want to invest something decent into their car, but if you have a small car for puttering around town you might stick to the basic line,” Pittman explains.

Aside from NAPA brands, Pittman has stocked his store with specialty items, specific for mountain driving. Due to providing service for travellers on the Trans Canada Highway, parts are kept on hand for all kinds of automobile makes and models.

For more information pop in to NAPA Auto Parts; meet the team and check out their retail stock and flyer at 911 9th Street North.