Shelley Soles has taken her passion to be creative and created one of a kind bird houses.

Shelley Soles has taken her passion to be creative and created one of a kind bird houses.

Art that is not just for the birds

Bird houses take on a new look in thanks to a Golden artist.

After growing up in Fort St. John, artist Shelley Soles made her way to Golden in 1984.

Since then she has continued to find different ways to express herself through her art while living in Golden.

“I have always been creative. I have enjoyed sewing and painting. I enjoy working with my hands,” Soles said. “I enjoy woodworking as well.”

After moving into a new house Soles decided she would make her own birdhouse and a new path of creativity had begun.

“A few other people liked it so I built some for them. Then my daughter was going to  a soccer tournament and they needed to raise money so I made one to help with that,” she said.

Since she started making the birdhouses Soles has had some on display at the Art Gallery of Golden and also continues to help fundraising for many different groups.

Soles said she really enjoys making the  birdhouses for many different reasons.

“They are something for me to do which is creative. It helped pay for my kids to go to university. I also enjoy selling them at craft fairs and getting to hang out with the other sellers,” Soles said.

Much of the material she uses comes from all over the Columbia Valley. Soles uses old fences and other materials which she for the most part recycles.

“Many people bring me rusty things and ask me if I would like to use them,” Soles said.

Over the years her husband Bill has gotten involved by helping put the basic structure together.

Soles also has her work displayed in shops in both Invermere and Lake Louise.

To see more of her work locally stop by the Art Gallery of Golden.