Eddie Leigan stands next to the Golden Junk truck.

Eddie Leigan stands next to the Golden Junk truck.

A simple idea becomes a thriving company helping Golden residents

Golden Junk came from the mind of local resident Eddie Leigan.

A little over three years ago a local teen who had just graduated from Golden Secondary School got the idea for a business which has gone on and expanded into a thriving local business.

Golden Junk was the brainchild of Eddie Leigan who had the idea for the business while he was a high school student.

After helping a friend’s mother remove some junk in the summer of 2009, Leigan put together a business plan and turned the idea into a business.

“I jumped into it with both feet,” Leigan said. “I thought this would be something cool to do. I could go out and meet and talk to people while helping people out.”

Over the past three years Leigan has learned many things about running his company.

“Being in the junk business for a few years, I have learned the ins and outs of how to save my customers money. Quite often people are surprised when we talk about the cost of junk removal, and surprised in a good way,” he said.

“We are always willing to have a look and give an estimate at absolutely no cost to our customers,  we offer several types of junk removal to suit anyone’s needs, we can pick it up on the spot to make it go away fast or we can leave a bin for you so you can go through the junk at your own pace, and we are always willing to help.”

Leigan explained that the company is much more than just a place to get rid of junk.

“Golden Junk is a full service junk removal company, full service means that we do all the work. You don’t even have to take your junk to the curb, we can take the junk out of wherever it may be, garages, sheds, basements, back yard, front yard or anywhere you may have it,” he said.

This year the company added a new phone number, and two new service areas (Invermere and Field) to the junk business with the aim to help people have an easier way to contact the company, and access the service.

“In the number to the business we added a word, 250-272-JUNK (5865). Anyone who would like to ask questions about our services can feel free to call us at that number and we will be happy to help them,” Leigan said.