A love of numbers helps residents in Golden at tax time

Tax time may not be something you look forward to but Helene Chevalier does.

For many people tax time is a stressful period of the year that is hard to look forward to.

But for bookkeeper and tax services specialist, Helene Chevalier, tax season is one of the best times of the year.

Chevalier, a self-admitted lover of numbers, is running a $30 basic tax return special through her company Columbia Valley Bookkeeping to help people get their taxes done this year.

Chevalier has lived in Golden for the past nine years and originally was a teacher.

“I am a teacher, turned bookkeeper/tax preparer. I taught for about 15 years when I lived in Calgary,” she said.

She started out doing bookkeeping and taxes for friends because it was something she loved doing.

“I ended up working for Numbers and Letters.  Now I do the books for a number of companies and have taken courses at the College of the Rockies,” she said.

Having a passion for numbers and bookkeeping has helped Chevalier work with her clients.

“I love doing taxes and trying to help my clients get as much back as they can. There are so many little details and credits you can get. You just need to know about them,” she said. “I ask a lot of questions to my clients about what types of receipts they have.”

It is because of this that Chevalier thinks having a professional prepare your taxes can be important for people.

“Usually we just sit and talk. I make sure people know that all of their private information they give me is safe. They have to sign a form for the government that states everything they are telling me is the truth,” she said.

She added that she needs to keep track of all the changes in the tax system.

“I am very familiar with the HST, PST, GST and all government issues. I am a registered eFiler with the government so I can file taxes for other people,” she said.

The most important thing for people to remember going into tax season, according to Chevalier, is to stay up to date on changes.

“It is all the little side things. Every year the government will have something new, so you have to stay up with everything. People have to keep receipts because if I do not have a receipt there is not as much I can do,” she said.

She also said people need to remember to bring their notice of assessment from the government when they are getting their taxes done.

If you are interested in learning more about the service Chevalier offers feel free to call her at 250-344-2797.