A healthy way to live

Nicki McIntosh, fitness instructor and owner of Shape Up Fitness, talks about the business of fitness.

Nicki McIntosh

Nicki McIntosh

A healthy revolution is trying to sweep its way across the nation, and one business women has found a way do her part here in Golden.

“It’s super rewarding. I have people come up to me and thank me because they’re getting results or they’re just feeling better. It’s been life changing for some people, which is so rewarding and overwhelming for me. It makes me really love what I do,” said Nicki McIntosh, fitness instructor and owner of Shape Up Fitness.

Shape Up Fitness teaches exercise classes like Zumba, cardio kickboxing, booty camp and mama fit, at various locations around Golden.

“I had been teaching in Golden for quite a few years off and on… So I had a history here. Then I finally decided to move back here and settle a bit,” said McIntosh.

“Then I worked towards starting the business. I had built a clientele, having taught classes previously. So when I fired it (the business) up, I already had all these people coming out to see me. And from there it just grew and grew.”

McIntosh, and her seemingly endless supply of energy, has inspired people, women especially, in Golden to get out and shape up – and have fun while they’re doing it.

“Zumba is the big one. I thought maybe it was just going to be a fad, and in April it will be one year since I started it. But it just continues to go strong, and grow more,” she said.

“The great thing about Zumba is that you’re getting a really great workout, and you don’t even notice you’re working hard because you are having such a good time.”

McIntosh sees many of the same people coming to class every week, and she gets to see change in her clients from month to month, both in their body and their attitude.

“I’ve had people lose a lot of weight just doing Zumba and staying committed to that program twice a week. I’ve had people who have lost about 20 or 30 pounds,” she said.

“Initially people would come to just dance and have fun, and then they would start to venture out and go to other classes. And pretty soon they’re doing a full fitness program that they’re so committed to with four or five classes a week. It’s so awesome.”

There was a time when very few people in Golden participated in regular fitness classes. And although Shape Up Fitness has a very strong following, with some very athletic people, McIntosh works hard to make sure that people of all fitness levels can get something out of her classes.

“I try to make the classes as versatile as possible, so that someone at a high level of fitness can be in the same class as someone who is just beginning,” she said. There are always lots of modifications to customize your workout.

Shape Up Fitness has a new spring schedule, and a “Spring into Summer Fitness Challenge” starting at the beginning of April, and running until the end of June.

For more details go to www.shapeupfitness.info.