A happy place to work at Golden Sobeys

Store Administrator at Golden Sobeys talks about why it is such a great place to work.

Carol Higginson has been a part of the Sobeys family since it became a Sobeys in 2007.

Carol Higginson has been a part of the Sobeys family since it became a Sobeys in 2007.

If you walk in to Sobeys in Golden chances are you will see more than one smiling face on your journey through the store.

Carol Higginson, the Store Administrator, thinks there is a simple reason why so many people enjoy their time working at Sobeys.

“Everybody really gets along very well. They hang out outside of work at fitness and yoga classes for example. You are there all day and there after work and it is still fun,” she said. Higginson has worked at the store since it became a Sobeys in 2007 and was there before that for about eight months before the changeover. As a Store Administrator she looks after the front end and office of the facility. “It is an overseeing of the store. I oversee the cashiers, opening and closing duties. It also includes dealing with the office which includes file maintenence and the office clerk.”

She was born and raised in Golden and worked at the store as a seasonal worker while going to school and was interested in trying something new from other jobs she had held in the area.

“I started out cashing and moved up rather quickly. I like where I am and love the company and staff. I look forward to coming to work everyday,” Higginson said. “That is what has kept me here.”

She went on to explain that right from the first time you enter the store people can feel the positive atmosphere of the people who work there.

“It is a huge morale booster. I have people come on and say they could not believe even through the hiring process (which includes a four hour orientation), of how good the morale and energy is with the staff,” she said.

She went on to say that one of the key factors that keeps the business going is respect between staff members. “If you have respect for the workers and they have it for you they will be willing to go that extra mile and put in the extra effort.

This was an opinion shared by Cam Dawes, Manager of Sobeys who has known Higginson for many years.

“How employees deal with people comes from direction. If you have someone giving poor direction then poor things will happen. All the managers lead by example. I wouldn’t ask someone to do something I would not do myself,” he said.

Dawes and Higginson think that the work ethic shown by all of the staff is why the business works as well as it does.

“Motivation comes from just what is going to happen that day. You never know what is going to happen in here from day to day and I love that challenge,” Higginson said.

Dawes agreed that from day to day you just are never sure what you may have to deal with and work through at the store.

She went on to say that there are many good opportunities in the company to get ahead of things.

“They help us provide a great incentive to bring people in to work with us,” Higginson said.

Both Higginson and Dawes said the operation has many women who move up the ladder to become managers both here in Golden and also across Canada.

“Everyone steps up to do a great job and there are many great opportunities. Sometimes people think they can’t be a manager but here whether it is front end, deli, bakery or any other department…there are lots of opportunities out there,” Dawes said

Another great part of working for the company is the fact that it is nationwide.

“The company is so country wide it is easy to move up and across. If the time comes you want to move elsewhere you can transfer.”


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