Norm Macdonald

MLA Report: How to ensure a dam never fails

Norm Macdonald discusses dams in this week's MLA report.

You deserve a say in what happens on British Columbia land

We live in one of the most beautiful, natural settings in the world

MLA Report: Cuts to forestry a perilous path

MLA Norm Macdonald talks about the importance of forestry in British Columbia.

MLA report: Looking for competent, thoughtful and consistent government

Columbia River-Revelstoke MLA Norm Macdonald talks about the upcoming election in British Columbia.

MLA Report: The kind of legislation British Columbians want and need

Columbia River-Revelstoke MLA Norm Macdonald talks about the provincial budget.

Getting to know the new British Columbia Provincial Sales Tax

MLA Report: On February 12, we will finally return to the BC Legislature where we will be expected to sit for only 5 weeks.

Auditor General critical to protecting our public interest

The public depends on institutional watchdogs to keep government accountable.

Democracy means citizens actively participate in decisions

MLA Norm Macdonald reflects on how precious democracy really is.

Local involvement ensures public interest is served

One of the biggest issues that I am hearing about this week is the need for local involvement in decision making on the land base.

Local involvement ensure public interest is served

Local MLA Norm Macdonald takes about land in British Columbia.

Advertising or quality of life?

Norm Macdonald's MLA Report discusses the advertising budget for the BC Liberals.

A better life for the seniors in British Columbia

Norm Macdonald's MLA Reoprt discusses the important contributions seniors make to our society.

MLA Report: Investment pays dividends at the end of the a long journey

Just like managing your household finances, managing the Province’s finances is all about making choices.

Better future begins with honest appraisal of current financial situation

Norm Macdonald MLA Report: The truth of B.C.'s financial books is a dire situation.

Citizens have the right to know the truth

MLA Columbia River - Revelstoke, Norm Macdonald, takes a look at the budget.

Education must be a top priority

Columbia River - Revelstoke MLA, Norm Macdonald, talks about education in British Columbia

British Columbians demand a reinvestment in our forest lands

Norm Macdonald Deputy Chair, Special Committee on Timber

Restocking British Columbia’s forest lands 

Columbia River Revelstoke MLA Norm Macdonald talks about the Forest Practices Board report.

Rural British Columbians want more say in how forest lands are managed

MLA Norm Macdonald look at the forestry industry in B.C.

The voter still has the final say

An MLA report from Columbia River-Revelstoke representative Norm Macdonald.