Colleen Palumbo

Local couple reached their diamond milestone anniversary

Ray and Helen Tress recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

Museum exhibit building has been restored

The museum's 30+ year-old outdoor exhibit building was completely restored over the course of the spring and summer.

Maud and Bill Wenman spent 67 years devoted to each other

There wasn’t enough children in Sicamous to warrant the opening of a school so the family moved to Golden in 1906.

Celebrating the women who made Golden what it is

For this month's Turning Back the Pages, Colleen Palumbo will be honouring Women in History month.

Turning Back the Pages: Museum roof needing repairs

The following story was written by former Golden resident Peter Miller about the building of the Golden Museum.

Golden came together to help their sons fighting overseas

As the number of “Golden Boys” over- seas started to increase, the people came together in their support.

Liquor salesman ambushed and killed near Golden in 1884

A story of robbery and murder in late 19th century Golden.

Turning Back the Pages: The history of the United Chuch

The first building in Golden was that of Licksey Trombley’s hotel, known as the “Canada House” in 1884.

Turning Back the Pages: A look at fire safety in Golden

Golden’s fire brigade was officially incorporated on May 26, 1898 under the name “Golden Fire Engine Association, Limited”.

Turning Back the Pages: The floods of 1916

This week Colleen Palumbo looks back at a time where waters went up in Golden.

Turning Back the Pages: A life in silk

Colleen Palumbo looks back at the history of moving silk across Canada.

Turning Back the Pages: Coming to Golden in 1894

A look at the life and times of Gertrude and Charles Parson.

Turning Back the Pages: A creative stroke when looking for love

Back in the days when Donald was a busier area, young men took a different approach of finding love.

Turning Back the Pages: How curling started in Golden

Colleen Palumbo looks back at how curling came to Golden over 100 years ago.

Turning Back the Pages: Weather issues of the past

A look back at some of the crazy weather that hit the Golden area 50 years ago.

Turning Back the Pages: A look back at 1923 in Golden

Colleen Palumbo takes a look back at what was happen 90 years ago in Golden.

Turning Back the Pages on some of the Golden Memories

Colleen Palumbo looks at the Conner's family and their lives in Golden.

Turning Back the Pages: Trains roll and stop in Golden

It has been 30 years sine CPR decided to make Golden a site for a repair depot.

Turning Back the Pages: Golden gets organized

The following story was prepared for Golden Memories 2000 by Denise Shular.

Mining records shine a light on the past

In the spirit of the mining records is information from a bulletin put out by the Golden Placer & Quartz Mining Co.