Year: 2014

Golden Holiday Inn an award winner
Golden's newest hotel, the Holiday Inn Express Golden-Kicking Horse, has been getting some attention for its attractive design.

Jessica Schwitek / December 31, 2014

2015: the year of climate adaptation
Forget whether your SUV is causing climate change. It's time to prepare of mega-fires and water conflict with the U.S. Pacific Northwest

Tom Fletcher / December 30, 2014

Do you know rules for stat holiday pay?
With holidays just around the corner it's important to know the details of who is entitled to statutory holiday pay.

Golden Star Staff / December 23, 2014

Climate talks end 2014 in disarray
Peru climate conference kicked off with everyone pretending China and Obama made a breakthrough, went downhill from there

Tom Fletcher / December 23, 2014

Dream Team
The Eagles continued their torrid start to the season with yet another tournament victory, this time in Airdrie.

Joel Tansey / December 22, 2014

Rockets take final game of 2014 in OT
Alex Astasiewicz notched his second OT winner of the season as the Rockets pushed through penalty issues to win 3-2 over the Rockies.

Joel Tansey / December 20, 2014