Volunteers fix up motocross track in preparation for new season

A new season of high flying action is set of kick off in Golden.

Riley Suhan was one of the many volunteers who went out to the Rodeo Grounds motocross track last week

The motorsport season is beginning, and volunteers have already been out making sure the facilities in the area are taken care of.

Some local motorsport enthusiasts were out working on the Rodeo Grounds motorcross track last week.

“It’s great to see volunteer work getting done to help make the track safe and enjoyable for everyone to ride,” said Aaaron Bernasconi, with Mountain Motorsports.

“We look forward to working on making this a better track for everyone to ride this summer.” There is a large network of trails, both multi-use and non-motorized, in Golden. And Bernasconi asks that motorcross riders respect the multi-use trails, and stay off the non-motorized ones.

“A big thank you goes out to all the other guys and gals who volunteered in the grooming of the track,” said Bernasconi.