Time to Race the Rockies again

Adventure in the air in Golden

Race the Rockies Golden is back. Every year

Adventure seekers will be testing their limits soon. Race the Rockies is back for another exciting year in Golden on Saturday July 23. Race the Rockies is an adventure race that began in 2005. The two day event involved hiking, trekking, a rope tyrolen traverse, mountain biking, white water and flat water kayaking. Competitors begin at 6 a.m. in after an evening prologue race which takes place at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.

“There is a prologue race at Kicking Horse Resort on the Friday evening to determine the starting heats for racers on Saturday morning,” Mike Melnick, operator of Race the Rockies Adventure Challenge, explained.

Every year, the race changes route but never becomes less challenging and exciting. “Every year the race is different and intends to highlight the fantastic outdoor opportunities that abound near Golden. This year, we have a course that takes racers up Hospital Creek Valley and the Blaeberry Valley. Two locations that have endless adventure possibilities.”

The racers are given various challenges throughout the legs of the race which must be completed within the 14 hour time limit.  “It definitely tests many aspects of a person. Obviously the physical challenge is substantial. Equally important for any long distance event is the mental challenge of staying focused and staying positive. But one thing that is unique to adventure racing is the intellectual challenge of navigation. Planning a route, staying oriented and finding and utilizing worthwhile shortcuts.”

After a long day of adventuring through Golden’s amazing surroundings, the competitors will make their way to the finish line, which will be found at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.

“Kicking Horse Mountain Resort has proudly been supporting Race the Rockies for five great years of adventure racing.  The event is the perfect fit for Kicking Horse Country combining so many of the adventures found here,” states Steve Paccagnan, President and CEO of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. “This year Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is the home for the finish line.  We encourage everyone to help us cheer on the finishing teams as they cross the finish line between 5pm and 7pm on Saturday July 23rd.”

If you would like more information on Race the Rockies, visit www.racetherockies.com.