The Golden Light Horse Club prepares for another season.

The Golden Light Horse Club is set to kick off new year of riding

A chance to get out a ride with the Golden Light Horse Club is just around the corner.

The chance to get out and ride is just part of what you could get by becoming a part of the Golden Light Horse Club, according to vice-president Shelly Black

The club is hoping to see new members come to the event and to learn what it is all about.

“We are trying to encourage people to come out and ride. We want to get clinics going on and have different activities this year,” Black said.

The group is looking to have more fun days this year, as well as getting involved with the riding club in Brisco.

The group has been around for about 40 years and has a long history of being active in the Golden area.

“We are looking to get more people involved. It is a good community thing to do for people who have like minded interests,” Black said.

The group is also hoping to bring some major events into the area during the year.

“If they are interested in riding but do not have a horse, there are many in the valley and we should be able to scurry some up to help bring the club back up,” Black said. “This is a great chance to just get out and ride and learn a little more about their horses while sharing experiences and knowledge.”

Anyone interested in learning more can contact Black at 250-344-6798.