Registration is now open for the Golden Softball Association.

Softball season almost here in Golden

The Golden Softball Association is now taking registration for their league starting in early May.

What could be better than hanging out with 10 of your friends at the softball diamond on a warm spring or summer afternoon?

The Golden Softball Association is now taking registration for their league starting in early May.

“We generally have a pretty good core of teams who repeat year after year, but we’re always looking for more,” said Greg Cowan with the Golden Softball Association.

“Hopefully we can attract a few more teams. And if we get enough individuals who can’t find a team on their own, we can put a bunch of people together.”

The association aims to have teams with a minimum of 10 players, six men and four women, but teams can have as many players as they like above and beyond that.

Last year the league was operating with 13 teams, but they are hoping to get up to 16 for this season.

“That’s how many we can accommodate, with the diamonds and time allowed that we have. Anything more than that gets a little complicated, but if we could get 16 that would be awesome,” said Cowan.

The season will run for two to two-and-a-half months, with games being played twice a week every Tuesday and Thursday night. You play each team once, and then there are the playoffs which last another couple weeks.

“Last year our teams played up to 20,21 games. But that depends on how many teams we get signed up,” said Cowan.

The league is all ages, and all skill levels. Players just have to provide their own personal equipment, and every team pays an entry fee, which is expected to be $400.

“We have one youth team that plays pretty consistently, although they’re probably getting over the youth age now. So the teams range all the way from high school to middle age people and beyond. We have a pretty diverse group,” said Cowan.

“And we self-umpire, so that keeps the costs down a little bit, we don’t have to hire someone to officiate.”

In the past there have been a few company sponsored teams, including ones from both the Taps and the Riverhouse. So Cowan welcomes any company that wants to put a team together.

“It’s a pretty big thing for town. We can get upwards of 160 people playing per night, and that’s a good chunk of the population,” said Cowan.

“It’s pretty relaxed. It’s competitive by nature because it is a sport, but everybody is really there to have a good time. And that’s what we strive for.”

To register a team, or for more information, Cowan can be contacted at 344-2974.