Williams Lake's Brock Hoyer is one of the skilled snow bike riders to headline the Ripped Snow Bike Tour coming to Sicamous.

Ripped Snow Bike Tour coming to Sicamous

Event will feature demonstrations, training and other activities involving some of the best snow bike riders in Canada.

Sicamous is gearing up for a new event coming to town in February.

Work is underway at the dog park, with the construction of tracks, jumps and more, in preparation for the Ripped Snow Bike tour on Feb. 11.

The event is being hosted by Sledgehammers Apparel, in partnership with the District of Sicamous, and will feature demonstrations, training and other activities involving some of the best snow bike riders in Canada.

Snow biking can be described as a marriage of motocross and sledding, in which riders use the body of a motocross bike with a narrow track on the back and a ski up front.

Calgary-based Sledgehammers Apparel, comprised of Sicamous natives Daniel Redeker, Ryan Wilson, Travis Tucker, Jay Knuff and Derek Rousselle are bringing the event to their hometown to give the sport more exposure.

“We’re trying to do (this) as a winter festival and give people an opportunity to check the sport out and see what it’s all about,” said Rousselle.

Rousselle anticipates the event will have up to 120 participating riders, including Sledgehammers-sponsored rider Brock Hoyer.

“Hoyer is actually one of the fastest people on the planet…,” said Rousselle. “We also have a few other guys that are coming. Carson McQueen rides for us; he actually won the interim championship for Arenacross I believe.”

There’s a $75 entry fee for riders, but the event is free to watch, and Rousselle said it will offer plenty for families to see and do.

“That’s why we’re basing it in Sicamous and we’re doing it right in town,” said Rousselle. “That way it’s more directed towards families.”

Rousselle said the Ripped tour is one of the ways the Sledgehammers team can give back to Sicamous.

“All of us being from Sicamous, that’s kind of our goal,” said Rousselle. “We are trying to work with the district and bring a tourism demographic back to Sicamous.

“I remember when I was growing up there, you could go out on the street at 12 o-clock at night anytime over the summer and the streets would have people on them. Over the past few years… it’s kind of dwindled. We just want to start bringing the younger market, the younger demographic to Sicamous.”

The Ripped event runs from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.