Volunteers from the Golden Cycling Club donated their time to make a pump track behind the Rec Plec become a reality on June 9 and 10.

Pump track gets settled in behind Rec Plex

The Golden Cycling Club spent the weekend building a pump track behind the Rec Plex on 10th Street South.

A couple tons of dirt and 30 plus volunteers can make quite a difference.

The Golden Cycling Club spent the weekend building a pump track behind the Rec Plex on 10th Street South. The project began two years ago when the club got a grant to build it at Sander Lake, bit the location fell through.

“Everything fell apart, but we had the money. It’s taken us two years now, but we got the Town on our side, and they gave us the area here, and now we’ve finally got the project happening,” said Rick Seward, director for the Moonrakers Trails with the Golden Cycling Club. “This is perfect. You couldn’t have asked for a better location from the town. They really came through for us, they’ve been amazing.”

Volunteers from the cycling club spent all day Saturday and Sunday packing down the dirt to make a pump track and skills area.

“We found the dirt for free, it was donated by Gurmit who’s a contractor who had some stuff. And the public works guys (public works time donated by Town) moved it into place. And the rest is all done by volunteers,” said Jordan Petrovics, director at large with the Golden Cycling Club. Also generously donated was machinery from Dogtooth Timber, Mountain Iron Contracting and Kardash Plumbing and Heating, as well as food for a lunch barbecue from Overwaitea. And the Town has found a way to donate recycle materials from another project.

“The Town was renovating the pool, so they gave us all their old pool decking they had on their perimeter terrain. So we’re going to have an ideal decking surface for our beginner area. Instead of being wood, it’s going to be the plastic decking. And it’s all recycled,” said Seward.

One of the goals of the Cycling Club when designing the pump track, was to make sure it was accommodating to all skill levels and ages. The skills area will have a beginner, intermediate and advanced track.

“Depending on how comfortable you feel on a bike, you’ll be able to take different paths. Each path will have different features on it,” said Seward. It is also located next to the free ride skate park, so bmx bikers will be able to utilize both.

The pump track will hopefully be enjoyed for years to come, and the Golden Cycling Club has committed to making sure that happens.

“Maintenance will be done by volunteers from the Cycling Club,” said Petrovics. “But the nice thing about a facility like this is that once it packs in it’s really not going to need that much maintenance. It will need a bit of work from time to time, but the club is willing to take that on.”