One last time around Motorsport Park

A local racer took one last turn around a legendary track in Calgary.

  • Tue Oct 11th, 2011 9:00am
  • Sports

Dan Pecora

Jessica Schwitek

Local racer Dan Pecora has taken his last lap around Calgary’s Race City Motorsport Park.

“I’m really going to miss it,” said Pecora. “The closest track now is in Spokane. And that’s just too far away. I don’t see myself making the trip just for a race.”

Despite beginning the hobby later in life, Pecora says it is a passion he has always had.

“I’ve always been a bit of a motorhead, and I’ve been fascinated by the racing I see on TV.”

It was 1999 when he entered his first race. He took a fairly long break while he was building his house, and returned to the sport last year after hearing about the possibility that the race track would be closing. Now that the closure is a certainty, he decided to put in a full season of races this year.

But it was still a bittersweet experience. “They’re already dismantling the bleachers.  It’s really sad to see the track go.”

Pecora is not the only one upset about the city taking over and track being torn down. Not only are racer’s losing their track, but the city is losing safe environment where people with the urge to race can go.

“Even the police up there aren’t too happy with it. I hear all the time about expensive cars being impounded after drag races in cities like Vancouver,” said Pecora. “Everyone I’ve talked to at the race track is going to miss it. It’s sad. It took drag racers off the streets. Someone is going to get hurt.”

Pecora’s last race was on Sept. 18, and now he is considering the possibility of selling his bike. He had the honour of having the oldest bike on the track, and being the second oldest rider.

Despite some electrical problems with his bike this year, Pecora finished second in this last race, and third is the Veterans Championship (40+).

“I was very happy with that. Honestly, I would have been happy just to finish.” He also beat his personal best lap time by more than two seconds.