Kicking Horse Gymnastics Club member Kelsey Lloyd is practicing hard before heading to the B.C. Provincials in Vancouver on April 13.

Golden gymnast makes provincials

Fifteen-year-old gymnast Kelsey Lloyd has qualified to go to the provincial championships in Vancouver.

The Kicking Horse Gymnastics Club competed in the Key City Fiesta Invitational competition in Cranbrook on March 3 and 4, and returned home with some impressive results.

Fifteen-year-old Kelsey Lloyd qualified for provincials, taking place in Vancouver on April 13.

“This is the first time I’ve made provincials,” said Lloyd. “I’m pretty excited about it.”

“I’m so proud of my kids,” said coach Christina Muise. The gymnasts from Golden don’t have the facilities that kids from other clubs have, but Muise says they compete as though they do.

She coaches nearly 160 kids each week at the RecPlex, using equipment that has been accumulated over the years. The group often travels to Cranbrook to practice in the facilities there.

The gymnasts here in Golden compete at a level you wouldn’t think possible says Muise. Not only did Lloyd make it to provincials, but her teammates 14-year-old Jasmine Wan, and 17-year-old Makayla Beam were listed as wildcards, meaning they may get to go as well.

“That competition went pretty good, (Cranbrook qualifier). I wasn’t really nervous,” said Lloyd who goes to three competitions a year with the Kicking Horse Gymnastics Club.

“I’ve been doing gymnastics since I was little, but not really with a steady coach. So with Christine, it’s been about three years.”

Lloyd competes in all the events, including floor, beam, bars and vault. And the difficulty level in both her floor and beam routines was the highest in her division says Muise.

“I’m not sure what event my best is. I really like floor, that’s probably my favourite,” said Lloyd. Aside from a bit of skiing, gymnastics is Lloyd’s activity of choice, and she hopes to continue with it for several years to come.

But right now she has provincials in Vancouver to focus on.

“I think my parents are pretty excited. They always watch me compete,” she said. “Christina might come with me as well, she’s not sure yet.”