Local rider Jenn Stronge takes to the trails on her fat bike

Fat bikes turn Golden cycling into winter sport

Initially considered a novelty, interest in Fat Bikes has been building.

  • Tue Jan 20th, 2015 2:00pm
  • Sports

Golden Cycling Club


With the onset of winter the majority of local cyclists will store their bikes away and reinvent themselves as skiers or sledders. In recent years, however, there has appeared a new and unusual bike that hints at the possibility of riding year-round. Sporting massive tires and low gearing, there can be no mistaking the Fat Bike.

Initially considered a novelty, interest in Fat Bikes has been building. It is no longer necessary for winter cyclists to confine themselves to the urban environment relying on plowed roads and pathways. At first glance, the bikes appear ponderous but cyclists are usually surprised to find the bikes to be quite nimble. What is also clear is that the large tires don’t allow the bikes to float over the snow and it is really necessary to locate packed trails. With that in mind Fat Bike riders can now join snowshoers and skiers and enjoy winter’s solitude and serenity. Fat Bikes remain a rare sight in Golden but local adventure outlet, Higher Ground, has two available for rent.

The Golden Cycling Club has recently opened up a number of trails for winter use.  The Cedar Lake Recreation Site is a popular destination and the Arrowhead, Barking Dog and Cedar Camp trails loop makes for an enjoyable hour or two.  These trails have already seen enough traffic that they can be hiked in winter footwear. Parking at the trailhead is available but the 2 km road in is narrow and it can be a challenge to maneuver around a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction.

Closer to town, the Take It Easy trail along the west bank of the Columbia river is also open. HMC recently cleared the Mainline parking lot off the Golf Course Drive, dramatically improving the access to the trail. GCC would like to remind the public to exercise caution where this trail runs close to the bank.

GCC encourages use of the above trails and will continue to monitor them throughout the winter. If you have any questions please contact the club at contact@goldencyclingclub.com.