Pony rides remain one of the top attractions for kids at the annual Parson Spring Fling.

Spring Fling bringing Parson together

The fifth annual Parson Community Hall’s Spring Fling is set to go on May 7.

The fifth annual Parson Community Hall’s Spring Fling is set to go on May 7, featuring a barbecue, a farmers’ market and activities for kids of all ages, including the always popular pony rides.

New for this year will be an adults-only dance in the evening, with a DJ, cash bar and snacks.

“We haven’t had a really good party and a dance for people in a long time so we thought we should try it and get a bunch of the older people out to do the good boogieing,” said organizer Trina Wolfenden.

Wolfenden has been one of the principle organizers of the Spring Fling since its debut in 2012 and says that its creation was important, coming at a time when few organized events would bring the community together.

“It’s basically just about getting our community more involved again. It was pretty dead for a while…all of a sudden we’ve got a little bit more community involvement and people are really starting to get active in Parson. It’s awesome,” Wolfenden said.

Wolfenden believes that new residents to the area have helped kickstart a sense of community in Parson once again.

“People and their families are getting out and hanging out with each other,” she said.

Proceeds from the event will go towards refurbishments to the Parson Community Hall. The 75 year-old hall has received a new heating system and flooring over the past few years, but more upgrades are needed in the future.

The Spring Fling will take place from 11-4 p.m. on May 7, with the dance to follow in the evening.