Shannon Hood poses for a photo with the Leslie W. Dunstall award

Shannon Hood earns Dunstall award, top honours for CLU exam

Hood initially thought she'd failed her exam, but actually earned a 79 per cent score that was the top mark in B.C. for 2014.

When Shannon Hood finished her Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) exam, she thought she’d failed it.

“It’s kind of funny because when I got my mark I was like ‘Oh, I passed’. I actually thought I’d failed the exam because it’s really hard,” Hood said.

Hood earned a 79 per cent mark that’s even more impressive when you consider the scores of her peers. In fact, Hood’s 79 stands alone as the highest mark in the province, earning her the Leslie W. Dunstall award.

“You know it’s a hard course when you get 79 per cent and it stands as the highest mark,” Hood laughed.

Hood equates the course to a “masters in estate planning” and the program focuses on both business and personal estate planning strategies as well as advanced taxation, succession planning and legal topics.

“My knowledge of estate planning went through the roof…it’s changed a lot of what I do in regards to corporate planning, beneficiary designation, what I recommend and the amount of things that I feel comfortable talking about,” she said.