Jocelyn Evans Ewing will be selling her organic loose leaf tea (called Canadian Rockies Tea Co.)

New tea company growing at the Golden Farmers’ Market

Canadian Rockies Tea Co. founder, Jocelyn Evans Ewing, decided to take the plunge and start the business when she saw the gap in the market.

The organic ingredients may come from all over the world, but Golden’s newest tea company is definitely a local operation. Even the names of the individual blends feature local areas like the Blaeberry or Bugaboos.

Canadian Rockies Tea Co. founder, Jocelyn Evans Ewing, decided to take the plunge and start the business when she saw the gap in the local market.

“There used to be a tea shop in town… and I really liked the product,” said Ewing.

“I was looking for something to do in the summer, and I realized that everywhere else has a little tea store. So I decided to go for it.”

Her organic loose leaf tea blends include a large variety of black, white, green, maté, chai, rooibos, tulsi, as well as herbal and health blends. All of the ingredients come from an organic wholesaler based out of Nelson.

Ewing had originally wanted to grow some of her herbs in town, but the limited growing capability would have held back her products too much.

She also would have been limited to the growing season, whereas this way she can offer her products all year. Certain herbs however, like peppermint and camomile, she plans to grow herself.

But once the herbs get here, that’s when the excitement starts for Ewing.

“I’m just having fun with it at home, trying different mixes. I’ve got some friends who try them out for me,” she said.

“It’s funny how people have different tastes. Some people will try one blend and love it, and others will try the same blend and not be a fan. I find with tea you can get so carried away. There’s so many different flavours and so many different health benefits.”

Canadian Rockies Tea Co. can be found at the Farmers’ Market every Wednesday, and occasionally on Saturdays in Golden. She has also ventured out a bit to other communities this summer, but has found the best reception right here.

“It’s been awesome, Golden has been great. Most people are pretty excited about it and very interested.”

Customers certainly have different tastes, making it difficult to narrow down a best selling item. But Ewing has a few favourites of her own.

“Right now my favourite is probably the hibiscus. It’s really tart on its own, which I like, but you can sweeten it up. I work at The Island and was also mixing it with martinis and liqueurs. It’s a really fun summer one, and it’s got a great colour. You can’t beat it,” she said.

Ewing has not current plans of expanding, but she is seeing how the summer season goes and hopes she can continue with her new found passion.