Members of the new Interact Club of Golden

New Interact Club gets things going with weekend bottle drive

Interact Club members may be too young to join Rotary, but this group of GSS students has found a way to make a positive change.

If you could send just one message, what would it be?

This question was posed to the newly formed Interact Club of Golden last week by club president Alberta Putney.

“What are we trying to achieve here? What do you think is lacking in our school? If you wanted to send one message, what would it be?” she asked the club during their last meeting.

They may be too young to join Rotary, but this group of Golden Secondary School students has found a way to make a positive change on their own.

The Interact Club of Golden, comprised of a group of likeminded youth who want to make a difference to their peers and their community, is a youth club that is part of the Rotary International organization. A Rotary member is present at the meetings, but the club is entirely youth driven. The members run the meetings, and decide what they want their focus and goal to be.

Although newly formed, the Interact Club has jumped into the deep end, and have already completed their first fundraiser after only a handful of meetings.

This past Saturday they held a bottle drive to raise funds for a future community initiative. And as a new club, their focus is still up in the air, allowing the members to really think about the changes they want to see in their community.

They spent their last meeting brain storming about potential projects. Ideas included a community movie night, a breakfast program for the students at APES, and a guest speaker program at the high school to bring in inspirational role models.

Interact gives them the chance to leave a mark on their town.

Basically the sky’s the limit for this group of motivated youth.

They meet once a month at the high school. To learn more about it, find them on Facebook.