Local wedding DJ Mike Pecora recently received international recognition as part of the Wedding Industry Experts Awards.

Golden DJ Mike Pecora receives international honours

Pecora believes the recognition he has received from the Wedding Industry Experts Awards says a lot about the industry in Golden.

The wedding industry in Golden continues to grow on a yearly basis. A big part of that has to do with the area’s pristine scenery and beautiful venues, but Golden’s vendors are starting to receive national and even international recognition as well.

Mike Pecora of Elite Sound and Light recently finished in seventh place internationally in the category of Most Popular Wedding DJ as part of the Wedding Industry Experts Awards. He also finished second in both B.C. and Canada in the same category.

“All too often I think people think that Golden is this little hick town and we’re going to have to import our vendors from the city,” Pecora said. “This just kind of helps seal that as well…if you book your wedding at any of these venues in Golden you’ve not only got world-class venues but world-class vendors as well too…It says a lot about the industry in our area.”

Candidates were nominated anonymously by former clients, and award winners were decided by a panel of judges and an online vote.

Pecora, who does approximately 40 weddings per year, DJed his first wedding at the age of just 13 years old.

“I made $75 that night in cash. I was on top of the world. It was completely done by cassettes which is where I originally learned how to beat mix,” Pecora laughed.

As a wedding DJ, being hired for a job means a lot more than just showing up at the reception and spinning some tunes.

“Each wedding has several weeks or sometimes even months of prep time for it,” he said. “Each of them have a completely different style, a different playlist, a different genre of music, they’re not cookie-cutter weddings.”

Of course, the growth of the industry means a lot for the town, and not just those who are involved in catering, entertaining and hosting weddings. Most of the weddings Pecora does are from couples located out of town.

“If you imagine the average wedding having 150 people at it that are all from out of town and staying three nights each…we’ve got a $20 million dollar industry in Golden, easy.”