Council Notes: Electrical upgrades at campground deemed not feasible

The operators of the Golden Municipal Campground had approached Town Council requesting a partnership to upgrade the facility’s electricity.

Golden Municipal Campground

The operators of the Golden Municipal Campground, for which they hold the contract with the Town of Golden, had approached Town Council requesting a partnership to upgrade the facility’s electricity.

They were hoping to add or upgrade power to 11 campsites. There were discrepancies in opinion between the electrical engineers hired by the Town and by the operators as to whether the upgrades were feasible on the current electrical panels (four of which are already over capacity) without a total, and expensive, overhaul.

In a follow-up Town staff determined that the proposal would not comply with the Canadian Electrical Code.

Council voted against the proposal, with several councillors expressing regret that the current situation did not allow for the upgrades.

“I wish it didn’t come to this, but we can’t be in contravention of the Canadian Electrical Code,” said Mayor Ron Oszust.

“Hopefully we’ll come across a grant that will cover the full electrical upgrade required,” said Coun. Eddie Leigan.



Swimming Pool

The Golden Municipal Swimming Pool is shut down for the season, and the summer statistics show that it was a busy year for the facility.

“This summer was definitely a banner year for the swimming pool,” said Jordan Petrovics, manager of recreation services for the Town of Golden.

A hot start to the summer meant an increase in visitation, particularly in May and June, giving 2015 a 34 per cent increase in total visitation (all programs including drop-ins), over 2014.

But the pool also saw a major increase in lessons, 51 per cent, which is typically not weather-dependant.

“Now that we’ve been collecting this data for a few years we’re really starting to see the trends,” said Petrovics.

And as is typical over the last few years, the swimming pool staff scored very high on the user feedback in friendliness and helpfulness.

A new program this year, which staff is hoping to grow next year, was the youth swims on Friday afternoons, for which they partnered with the Youth Centre. Each week had a different theme and sponsor, and although Petrovics says attendance could have been higher, he expects the program to gain momentum in the following year.

“These things take a little time to grow,” he said.